Stella worked alongside composer and producer Guy Jackson on their sophomore EP, “Shake It Up”, released in 2014. With an upbeat rock ‘n’ roll track penned in as the leading single, their bright and audacious musical journey continues at a pace.

Stella and her band draw on jazz, soul and
rock ‘n’ roll influences to create a unique concoction of audio brilliance – wrapped up in Guy's lush sonic production.

The band have changed their name to Stella Angelika.


Feeling good

Stella sings this classic cover

Shake it up Stella and the Shakes EP cover 2014 designed and photo by Guy Jackson
StellaStar Blossom EP cover designed by Guy Jackson photo by Guy Jackson

Stella and the Shakes

Shake it up!

4 track EP

Stella Star


4 track EP

Shake it up poster Stella and the Shakes taken by Guy Jackson

In 2013, inspired by influences from Ray Charles to Puccini, Stella and her band “The Shakes” [Will Jackson (drums), Jack Gillen (guitar) and Lyle Holloway (bass)], formerly known as StellaStar, released their debut EP, “Blossom”, to great acclaim from the music community..

The band won the “Mayor's Gigs Big Busk” Gigs award as voted by Maggie Crowe, Director at BPI and Governor of Brit School; Yolanda Brown, MOBO award winning saxophonist; Paul Kirkham, Director of the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance; Barney Addison, Head of Talent at SYCO Entertainment; and Josh Osho, singer-songwriter and GIGS Ambassador.



EP launch at The Forge in Camden