Sombre 1

The work of Emily Burridge and Guy Jackson offers the classic combination of cello and piano as an ideal foundation for film and TV soundtracks, both documentary and drama.

The four compositions on their CD, Sombre 1, shows off a dark, brooding and emotionally moving approach to writing.

Some tracks have been left as performed, while others have had orchestration and string arrangements added, demonstrating how a theme can be developed and sound shaped to suit different projects.

Sombre 1 offers a window on an extensive catalogue of works created by the duo, who are available for commissions.

Composing and producing to the highest professional standards, they offer a highly individual and prompt response to creative briefs..

Jackson Burridge

Guy Jackson piano


Emily Burridge cello

Extracts from four tracks on Sombre 1 CD


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Purple cow

Skimming the surface

Crossing Palermo

Deep waters