Secret Hide

Guy and Mexeena have collaborated on numerous album projects but the stand out CD is Ether. It was released in 2005 and is available at iTunes.



Daz Abberstein writes the words or lyrics while Guy is the music and production.

The sample track Stalker is an example of our collaboration with the lead vocal by Lewis Hazelwood.

We all have five senses and this song weaves them all together in a film noir way.


When Guy heard Kenny Laurenson's track Lost in Space he offered to arrange and produce it alongside collaborator BJ Cole.

Gradually Guy created at working arrangement and added the sublime voice of Stella plus involving her backing musicians (The Shakes). At this point BJ Cole was let loose on the track, weaving his masterful steel spell across the song.

Final ambient touches and hours spent crafting the mix and it was ready for Kenny's ears!

Big thanks to all those who played on it.

Kenny Laurenson




Lost in space


Summers gone

Summers Gone expresses that sense that the summer is almost over. Vocal duties are handled by Captain Backfire.  The amazing guitar solo that closes the track is perfromed by John Hoare.  Drumming by Will Jackson.

Guy Jackson and LadyLauraLand are currently producing a four track EP showcasing their collaborative talents. Laura has the most exquisite vocal style which will feature on their CD which is in production.